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Evanston estimated planting dates for fall crops

It's only the beginning of August, but time is wasting for sowing seeds now to harvest greens and other vegetables up to—and after—frost. Below is a customized version of a useful calculator provided by Johnny's Selected Seeds available here. We've customized it for Evanston, broken out the seed starting and planting out dates, and then sorted it by seed starting date.

It assumes the hard-frost date for Evanston (28 degrees, 10 year median) from:

Note that crops marked TP need to be started 4 weeks ahead and planted out on the date shown in the last column.

Fall-Planting Calculator  
This calculator will help you determine the planting date for crops that will be planted outside, without additional protection, for harvest in autumn. All are crops that tolerate frost and taste great in cool weather. If planting in an unheated hoophouse or low tunnel, you can plant 2-3 weeks later than the date recommended. If planting inside a hoophouse with an additional layer of hoops and row cover above the crop, you can plant 4-5 weeks later.
Enter your average first frost date:
Crop** direct or transplant date note When to Plant Out When to start
Celeriac TP   15-Jun 18-May
Brussels Sprouts TP *** 23-Jun 26-May
Cabbage, storage TP   28-Jun 31-May
Leeks TP   28-Jun 31-May
Celery TP   5-Jul 7-Jun
Parsnips DS   8-Jun 8-Jun
Cabbage, fresh eating TP   23-Jul 25-Jun
Collards TP   25-Jul 27-Jun
Broccoli TP   29-Jul 1-Jul
Cauliflower TP   30-Jul 2-Jul
Chicory - Radicchio TP   2-Aug 5-Jul
Fennel DS   5-Jul 5-Jul
Peas DS  frost-sensitive 11-Jul 11-Jul
Cabbage, Chinese TP   15-Aug 18-Jul
Rutabaga DS   23-Jul 23-Jul
Chicory - Endive, Escarole TP   22-Aug 25-Jul
Kale DS   25-Jul 25-Jul
Carrots DS   27-Jul 27-Jul
Onions DS   2-Aug 2-Aug
Beets DS   9-Aug 9-Aug
Greens, Asian, full size DS   14-Aug 14-Aug
Lettuce, heads DS   14-Aug 14-Aug
Radish, Daikon DS   17-Aug 17-Aug
Swiss chard, bunching DS   18-Aug 18-Aug
Turnip, purple top DS   18-Aug 18-Aug
Kohlrabi DS   22-Aug 22-Aug
Lettuce, baby DS   24-Aug 24-Aug
Spinach DS   28-Aug 28-Aug
Turnips, salad DS   29-Aug 29-Aug
Radish, round DS   15-Sep 15-Sep
*Dates are the same from year to year, but this table requires a year for computation simplicity.
**The date calculated is the date to plant outdoors; crops that should be direct sown are marked (DS). Those marked (TP) should be set out as transplants on the date shown, so seeds should be started four weeks before the planting date.
***Brussels sprouts should mature after frost, so no additional time is added for harvest period or fall factor.
The calculator uses this formula:
Days to Maturity (we used varieties recommended for fall/winter)
+ Average harvest period
+ Fall Factor (takes into account the slow growth that results from cool weather and short days in fall, and amounts to about two weeks.)
= Days to count back from first frost date