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Support Evanston’s Food Forest

Edible Evanston is working to make the Eggleston Park Food Forest into a meaningful destination for the Evanston, Illinois community and visitors. With the help of hundreds of volunteers Edible Evanston has transformed Evanston’s first orchard in a public park into a community food forest and we want to make it even better. We’re looking to you to help us develop the next phase, including the creation of a welcoming entry space.

Find out what the food forest is all about… watch this short video:

Using an innovative permaculture approach rooted in ancient principles, the demonstration Food Forest is more than just a sustainable garden of fruit trees, berry bushes, ground cover herbs and mushrooms.  We are trying to create a totally organic diverse system which mimics the balance and relationships that exist in established forests, with the goal that, once established, it will be a dynamic and resilient system requiring less maintenance and fewer inputs (like pest control and fertilizers). Edible Evanston uses the food forest for education and shares the produce with all.

This totally community-supported project is now raising funds to cover the cost of an experienced organic orchardist to help ensure a high yield from healthy trees, as well as funding to build an entry pergola for the Food Forest. The pergolas will make the food forest more welcoming to visitors, allow for additional fruiting climbing vines to grow, and create comfortable shade for us all to enjoy. Funds are also needed to upgrade our irrigation systems and handle other long-term future needs within the Eggleston Park Food Forest.

pergola plan

We are already halfway to our fundraising goal of $6,000 due to a generous gift from an anonymous donor. Help us close the gap!

Please continue to help us grow. Donations of any amount are welcome!! All donations are tax deductible. Edible Evanston is a project of Citizens' Greener Evanston, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your contribution is deductible to the extent of the law.

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