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Work & Learn: Weed Appreciation

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Weed Appreciation: Eat your weeds, feed them to pollinators, or at least listen to what they are telling you

The old saw is a weed is a plant in the wrong place, but it's more comlicated than that.

Many "garden weeds" are edible and can be a great addition to the human diet. Pollinators love many of our weeds, especially (but not only) the natives.

And most importantly, weeds thrive on disturbance and can often be indicative of soil conditions which can cause other plants to suffer. So you can reduce weed pressure and help your plants be learning what they are telling you.

Weeds might attract pests away from your desirable plants.

(We'll also mention weed-seed banks and disease vectors.)

July 18th, 2020 10:30 AM through 11:00 AM
2100 Hartrey Avenue
Eggleston Park Food Forest
Evanston, 60201
United States
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Voluntary Education Event Donation $5.00
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Feeling Generous $25.00