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May 30, 2016

Submitted by Jenkins Family on Mon, 05/30/2016 - 4:38pm

Some things you see on the internet are real!  A couple of weeks ago (Wednesday, May 18) I had a bok choy that I .cut off the bottom 3 inches.  I put the base in some water and voila!  It has been flourishing.  It's so inspiring that a couple of days ago, I repeated this with a celery base.  See the results below -

Does anyone have a recommendation as to whether or not the bok choy or celery should go into the garden?  Or should I leave them in the water since they're doing so well? 

Also - is this average pace for basil?  I've been giving it pep talks, hoping to encourage it to grow like the bok choy but alas, it is taking it's own sweet time.  There are small leaves developing every day but it's progress is microscopic in comparison. I'm resisting the urge to buy a basil plant the next time I'm at the grocery store...


What I planted this week: 
Celery root in waterRed Leaf Amaranth in garden #1
New Growth Observation: 
Celery base has been in water for two days. Bok Choy has been in water for 12 days. Basil seed was planted April 17. Salad greens and Hon Tsai are ready to harvest. General weeding today along with thinning of the carrots and onions.
What I Harvested This Week: 
Not basil! ;-)
Water and Weather Report: 
Mostly sunny the past seven days with two days of heavy rain.
Problems, Pests and Disease: 
Continued occasional footprints but again, not pulling anything from the garden.