Donate What You Grow: Edible Evanston’s Food Sharing Initiative.

Food Forest

Permaculture in a public park.


Classes, demos, and help to grow more local food, year round.

New Gardeners

Expanding local food growing gardens and mentoring gardeners.

Support Your Local Food Forest!

Can we count on you to help us? Join us as we develop the next phase.

Edible Evanston is working to make the Eggleston Park Food Forest into a meaningful destination for our community and visitors. Edible Evanston initially helped Northwestern University's Brady Scholars create Evanston’s first orchard in a public park in 2013. Now, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, Edible Evanston has transformed it into a community food forest and we want to make it even better.

Find out what the food forest is all about… watch this short video:

This totally community-supported project is now raising funds to cover the cost of a horticultural consultant experienced with organic orchards to help ensure a good yield from our 100+ healthy trees and berry bushes. This campaign also will fund building an entry pergola into the Food Forest Education Grove to make the Food Forest more welcoming to visitors, allow for additional fruiting climbing vines to grow, and create comfortable shade for us all to enjoy. Additional funds are also needed to handle other long-term future needs within the Food Forest.

We are nearly halfway to our fundraising goal of $6,000 due to a generous gift from an anonymous donor. Please help us close the gap. Donate today!


Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - 7:00pm

General meetings take place the second Wednesday every-other month. They include a brief educational presentation and updates from all committees. Partner groups are welcome to share relevant information.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 7:00pm

General meetings take place the second Wednesday every-other month. They include a brief educational presentation and updates from all committees. Partner groups are welcome to share relevant information.

Eggleston Park Food Forest

The Eggleston Park Food Forest is a diverse planting of perennial edible trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants— including fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs—designed to mimic the natural balance of a forest by utilizing permaculture principles.

2018 Food Forest & Orchard Work and Learn Days

We have great volunteer opportunities for individuals, families and groups thru regular monthly work days that frequently include learning presentations. (We are happy to arrange other special volunteer days for groups as needed. ) A waiver will be required to participate as a volunteer. No other registration is required, but pre-registration for learn portion encouraged

2018 Educational Work-and-Learn Days Schedule

Look for additional activities on most workdays—educational presentations, sharing of food, stories, song. Including:

Permaculture Primer: An introduction

By Tim Sonder, Education chair

If you have been volunteering with Edible Evanston you have, no doubt, been hearing about “Permaculture.” But what is it?

Most of the techniques applied by those working with permaculture aren’t revolutionary, they are evolutionary. But the way of looking at the world—and I mean that in the broadest sense—often feels revolutionary. Permaculture becomes a way of framing one’s outlook. And that can be applied not just to agriculture, but also to architecture and engineering, to urban planning, and to societal questions.


Produce Sharing

Our volunteers help individual growers get their excess produce to those in need in our community, reducing waste and providing fresh produce to those in need. Since 2012 Edible Evanston has delivered thousands of pounds of fresh, local vegetables and herbs to Evanston food pantries. We pick up weekly June–October at four community gardens throughout Evanston.



We teach practical classes about urban agriculture and gardening throughout the year and distribute free seeds each spring.

Permaculture Principle #2: Catch and Store Energy

By Tim Sonder, Education Chair

"Make hay while the sun shines"

This principle deals with the capture and storage of energy, within the environment, buildings and even society.

Energy is fleeting and essential for life systems and society. Capture it now, so you can use it (or have it) later.

This is the true meaning of conservation.

It’s harvest time. When we pick fruit or vegetables we are catching energy. And possibly storing it for later.


New Gardeners

Edible Evanston assists novice food gardeners set up a vegetable garden and provides a mentor to help make them successful. We are continually looking for experienced gardeners to mentor our new trainees and build a few gardens ever year with only volunteer labor.

We’re Growing New Gardeners!

Join our home gardening group and receive raised beds in your own yard!

Edible Evanston wants to help you build your own garden. We’ll provide materials for two raised beds, soil, and some initial plants and seeds.
You will also receive workshops, a manual for educational training, plus your own personal garden mentor. We plan to help 20 families and organizations build new gardens in the next 12 months.

If you are an Evanstonian who has thought about having your own garden but do not know how to take the first step, apply to let us help you grow that “green thumb.” Low-income families are encouraged to apply.