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Add your garden to the 150 Gardens list!

Make your garden count!

Looking for our program of building garden beds for Evanston Residents? Click here.

Edible Evanston wants your garden on its list of 150 new vegtable gardens in Evanston. In order to protect your privacy, your garden will be listed by its name, not yours, and we will give you a sign with your unique registration number to be posted in your garden.

Sorry, but only gardens located in Evanston, Illilnois are eligible to be listed.

Be creative--this is what will show in the list, so don't use anything that you would not want to be public
Will not be shown to the public
Will not be shown to the public
If the garden belongs to an organization, not a person
Such as community garden plot, residential (back yard, front yard), balcony, patio, school, church
Some idea of the range of your plantings (public)
not shown publically
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