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Edible Evanston 150 Gardens

Raised bed Garden

The Mission of Edible Evanston is to develop sustainable local food sources by creating urban farms, community gardens, greenhouses, and composting sites.  To  help track our progress, Edible Evanston would like to invite the Evanston community to considering logging your garden to celebrate the Evanston 150th Anniversary. 

We're keeping track of the total number of gardens that have been created on a public website for all to see.  Initially we will have a listing of the gardens with the long-term goal of having a map that shows where in the community the gardens have been created to show the broad support for this initiative.

We recognize that some people will not want their address to be published on a website, so we have a two part log in:  1) public information (i.e., the name of the garden, type, and plantings), and 2) non-public information from which we can eventually create a map showing where people are growing food in new gardens throughout the city.

Enter your garden here! Below is the list of gardens.

Evanston 150 Gardens