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Spring Garden Preparation

If 2014 will be your first garden or your fiftieth, you have the luxury of looking at your space and determining the best place available in your yard, balcony, or windowsill to grow the garden you want. You may have already planned out what you want to grow, now you need to find the right place to set yourself up for success. The three most important considerations for where to place your garden are:

Design and Construction of the Eggleston Anniversary Orchard

Laying out the orchard grid

An orchard was designed and constructed in Eggleston Park (McCormick Blvd & Bridge Street, Evanston, Illinois, 60201) as joint project of the Northwestern University Brady Scholars (Brady Scholars) and the New Leaf Urban Garden (NLUG), with support from Edible Evanston (EE) and the City of Evanston (City) Parks and Recreation Department (Parks Department). This is the first orchard in an Evanston City Park. The new orchard, constructed in May and June 2013, includes nearly 50 fruit and nut trees and nearly 30 raspberry bushes.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Edible Evanston creates community centered around places of local food production throughout Evanston. We encourage and support food growers and provide opportunities for education and sharing food.

Our Vision

Inspiring and supporting a culture of sustainable food growing and sharing throughout the Evanston community.